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Understanding your primary communication style as well as those around you 

Research has proven that successful people commonly have a higher level of self-awareness including an understanding of their own behaviors, motivators, and decision-making styles. They are able to modify how they speak and act around others to achieve a desirable outcome. At The CTJ Group, we can assist you with three different assessments, see below:


  • The DISC Assessment 
  • The DISC Plus Values Assessment
  • ADVanced Insights Assessment


The DISC Assessment 


The DISC Assessment measures four dimensions of your behavioral style:

  • Decisive — A preference for problem-solving and getting results

  • Interactive — A preference for interacting with others and showing emotion

  • Stability — A preference for pacing, persistence, and steadiness

  • Cautious — A preference for procedures, standards, and protocols


DISC Plus Values Assessment


The DISC Plus Assessment combines the DISC Assessment and Values Assessment into one comprehensive report. The information provides excellent insights into your natural and adaptive behaviors and your most powerful motivators. By leveraging what is often new-found knowledge and self-awareness, it becomes easier for you to engage others and to align your passions and purpose.


The Values Assessment measures seven dimensions of motivation:

  • Aesthetic — A drive for balance, harmony, and form

  • Economic — A drive for financial or practical returns

  • Individualistic — A drive to stand out as independent and unique

  • Political — A drive to be in control or have influence

  • Altruistic — A drive for humanitarian efforts or to help others altruistically

  • Regulatory — A drive to establish order, routine and structure

  • Theoretical — A drive for knowledge, learning, and understanding

ADVanced Insights Assessment


The Advanced Insights Assessment is a powerful resource for leaders who want to maximize their effectiveness when engaging with others. This highly-validated tool is used for coaching and developing high performers and for hiring the right candidate at any level within the company; particularly when making critical selections for an Executive team. The ADVanced Insights Assessment is a comprehensive trio of assessments, which includes DISC, Values, and Attributes:


The Attribute Assessment measures the preferred decision-making style. Our preference becomes a subconscious force that affects our decision-making process and shapes how we perceive ourselves and others. The Attribute Assessment categorizes and measures decision-making preferences in three dimensions:

  • Personal — Prefers to make decisions based on a personal point of view, feelings, and needs of self and others.

  • Practical — Prefers to make decisions based on real-world, task-oriented thinking.

  • Analytical — Prefers to make decisions based on concrete facts and data.

Here are a few other ways you can use the Assessments


  • Hire More effectively

  • Increase self-awareness and performance

  • Understand a person's strengths and value to the organization

  • Improve an individual's ability to be managed or manage others

  • Become more successful in professional and personal relationships

  • Build more efficient teams

  • Develop stronger sales and/or leadership teams

  • Increase productivity and profits

  • Manage conflict

  • Maximize interactions with similar and differing behavioral styles

  • Improve employee retention

  • Reassign employees to positions that will improve the organization

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