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If you are looking for more than the countless traditional corporate training, professional development workshops, personal coaching, and motivational speaking events that provide excitement and optimism in the short term, yet fail to produce material that yields transformational results The CTJ Group can assist you.


At The CTJ Group, we offer uniquely formatted and customizable training programs, workshops, webinars and motivational speaking content to meet your needs. We will not only inspire your company, team or you Individually, but we will be right next to you during the journey as you achieve your goals and build a foundation to support your new level of success.  

Our UnBoxed 360 Signature Programs offers several forms of delivery options:

  • 1/2 day, full-day or multi-day seminars and workshops

  • Held at your location, you can attain an upcoming seminar/workshop in a city near you or join one of our webinars

  • One on One Coaching 

Core Services of The CTJ Group Consulting, ​Training, and Development Divisions

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Organizational Talent Investment & Readiness

Organizational Talent Investment & Readiness 

Company Talent Management & Training Support

Executive Leadership & Coaching

Executive Leadership & Coaching

C-Suite Leadership

& Coaching


Professional Career


Career Development & Advancement

Meeting the Staff

Leverage Collaboration

& Consulting

Talent Success Gap Creation & Enrichment

Start up of enterprise, women leader the

Startups &   Entrepreneurs

Turning Your Vision Into  


Businesswoman presenting to colleagues a

Sales Foundation & Service Solutions

Building Value & Solutions For Your Customers