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Words from those who have worked with Carey Jackson 

I have had the distinct honor of being coached and mentored by Carey Jackson early on in my management career. Carey was influential in the manager I am today and I am grateful for the longstanding relationship we have fostered over the years despite no longer being in the same office. 


Carey is the perfect combination of an “idea man” and a stellar coach. He is driven by the desire to influence change and knows with the steps to take in order to make monumental improvements to people’s behaviors and operations as a result. Given the opportunity to flourish in an environment where Carey’s ideas are well received, the company and the employees as a whole will improve. Carey is not only is interested in improving business goals but does so by encouraging and motivating others towards change. He accomplishes this by establishing “buy-in” from everyone involved; this not only become Carey’s goals but ensures it will be a positive change for all involved. He is interested in lifting all boats towards success. He is humble and will give everyone else the credit for their success.


In the time I worked with Carey, I experienced him leading a coaching seminar for all of the managers in the office. Carey has the innate ability to be positive, encourage and foster an environment where people feel safe to share. 

Throughout my career, I have had many supervisors and managers and can only place Carey in one of the best I have had. I only wish we could continue to work together; working with Carey is like a small think tank where you feel motivated to conquer the challenge at hand. 


If you have the opportunity to work with Carey you will experience this as well. I highly encourage you to maximize your one on one coaching with Carey to improve your own managerial, coaching and leadership skills. 


Meaghan Crabtree Manager, Insurance Industry



Carey is a demonstrated leader who enhances organizational efficiency by focusing on communication and trust.  As a developing frontline manager and underwriter, Carey guided me through the challenges of learning an entirely new role, while consistently soliciting my input. Through his inclusive approach, I became personally invested in each of our projects. Carey helped build my confidence as a developing leader by establishing clear plans and gaining firm commitments at the start of our office initiatives. He ensured that each team member involved was given clearly defined roles and responsibilities. After each project was completed, we would review our work to see how we could improve and target any issues that we encountered. Carey would always highlight our successes and look for learning opportunities in shortcomings. He is a people-builder and a proponent of shared success. 


Even in a heavily structured and established environment, I witnessed Carey jump at the opportunity to innovate and improve internal processes. Carey’s drive to improve himself and others around him inspires me to this day.  He truly understands that change and development are not options, but instead necessities for any individual or organization to experience continued growth.  I have worked for multiple organizations since, and have yet to meet a manager as creative, open-minded, and energetic as Carey Jackson.  


Andrew Reswow Senior Insurance Analyst 



Carey’s coaching and leadership helped me to get laser-focused on my goals and direction in both my personal and professional life. Through Carey’s coaching, I learned a lot about myself, how I handle change and how I can more effectively manage my time and talents to live up to my potential.


Amanda Kojis, Financial Advisor 



Carey was my first ever supervisor when I started working right out of college as an Account Manager, and I am so thankful for that. He was always patient with my questions, but at the same time pushed me to grow and become the best version of myself. Carey helped to instill the confidence in myself that I needed to be a successful manager. He taught me the importance of looking at the bigger picture, being proactive, and staying positive through challenges.


Melissa Marrington, School Counselor

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