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The trend of employees staying with one company for their career is no longer happening. No matter what data or statistics you use, the cost to bring in and retain Talent continues not just to impact companies from a monetary standpoint, it affects the office environment and engagement as well. Even if this trend continues, there are ways to reverse it within your organization, and we can help. The CTJ Group can assist Human Resources, Hiring Managers, and Recruiters heighten or develop the pivotal skills to meet an ever-changing talent pool of Current and New Professionals. We believe " The day you start the onboarding of a new hire is the day you begin the offboarding as well." 

We can assist you in the following key Talent Management and competencies:


  • Recruitment, Develop and Retention

  • Selling Your Brand

  • Staying relevant and creating value

  • Professional Assessment

  • Optimization for Impactful environments 

  • One on One Coach

  • Training the Trainer

  • Utilizing your Talent to support Professional and Personal goals

  • Leadership and Coaching Development for Hiring staffing and Recruiters

  • Improve and Enhance Approach

  • Networking and Partnership opportunities

  • External and Internal Optimization

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