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Expanding Your Company Brand and Impact Though Your Talent

Many organizations struggle to find the correct balance that will have a positive impact on their bottom-line results, company culture, employee engagement, and professional development. At The CTJ Group, our specialty is to work with organizations to apply actionable steps that will heighten their greatest asset and provide a rewarding work culture and environment. All of our training programs are very interactive, incorporates updated industry practices and adult learning theory.


Listed Below Are A Few Of The Core Competencies And Options We Can Assist You With: 

Organizational Support (Consulting):

  • Transformation Training Programs

  • In-house Corporate training

  • Strengthen Your Leadership Bench 

  • Talent Management: Recruitment, Develop and Retention

  • Onboarding and Transitioning Leaders

  • Employee Engagement

  • Teamwork and Collaboration

  • Change Management: Your Why and Your Next 

  • Organizational Culture and Environment Enrichment

Leadership and Coaching Application:

  • Leadership and Coaching Proficiency

  • Foundational Leadership

  • Influence and Effectiveness

  • Professional Assessment

  • Problem Solving and Solution Creation

  • Increase Production and Capacity 

  • Time Management and Priority Focus 

  • Leading current Generations and the Emerging Future Generations

Training and Workshops:

  • Certification Training Programs

  • Professional Assessment Workshop 

  • Leadership and Coaching: Team Workshops

  • Recruit, Engage and Retain Talent

  • Live Certification and Webinar options

  • Train the Trainer

  • Leadership and/or Coaching Tracks

  • Service and/or Sales Tracks

Internal Leadership and Coaching Track to develop or enhance your Team members at every level. All of the Learning Tracks include 2 Days of training, a 1-hour 30-minute follow up webinar, Professional Assessment, a 30-day Professional Forecast Outline designed to support Self-Learning and Discovery


*Each Track requires a minimum of 5 participants from your organization. Please see the 


"The Foundation"


Who would benefit and Core Competencies


  • New Leaders and Coaches

  • Leadership and Coaching 101 Program

  • Communication 

  • Time Management 

  • Goal Setting and Planning

  • Leadership and Coaching Foundation Creation

"The Elite Level"

Who would benefit and Core Competencies


  • Experienced Leaders and Coaches

  • Leadership and Coaching 2.0 Program

  • Leaders Developing Leaders

  • Employee Engagement

  • Problem Solving and Solution Creation

  • Influence and Effectiveness

  • Teamwork and Collaboration

  • Increase Production and Capacity 


“The Inclusive Leader and Coach"


Who would benefit and Core Competencies


  • Executive Leaders and Coaches

  • Leadership and Coaching Advanced Program

  • Leaders and Coaches Engagement

  • Effective Change Leadership

  • Talent Management

  • Vision Creation to Support Results

  • Organizational Brand & Impact

  • Re-Connection

Additional Talent Investment Options To Support Your Team
Next UP Professionals

Next UP


New & Future Leaders  Foundation Program

Businesswoman presenting to colleagues a

Sales Foundation & Service Solutions

Building Value & Solutions For Your Customers

Business conference. Business meeting. B

Seminars, Workshops 

& Webinars

Impactful Live & Virtual Programs For Results

Professional Assessments

Professional Assessments

New & Future Leaders  Success Foundation

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